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AUTOMATION. «ГРИНС Инжиниринг» - промышленный инжиниринг, проектирование и производство технологического оборудования для металлургии


The present-day rolled steel production faces the challenge of strengthening requirements to the product quality, production cost control and production scope. Currently, capacity increase and rolled steel quality improvement cannot be achieved only by expansion, high quality products require solutions to be integrated into the production process automation system.

“GRINS Engineering” Company offers comprehensive solutions for the purpose of production modernization, which take into account all the aspects of the production process. The company activity is aimed at partial or complete automation of the rolled steel production, improvement and automation of individual process operations.

Improving automation of the rolled steel production ensures the following:

  • Improved quality of the finished products
  • Reduced consumption index of the finished products
  • Improvement of steel-rolling shop equipment lifetime
  • Stable production process for the finished products
  • Control and management of the production process and equipment

The automation objective includes selecting the most efficient solutions for an iron and steel enterprise from the viewpoint of economic benefits and expansion or partial replacement of the areas to be automated.

Many years' experience and profound understanding of the technologies used by an iron and steel enterprise as well as the rolling mill ensure precise evaluation of the automation functions and operations.

Automation of individual process operations
  • Automation of the accounting system for the section rolling mill rollers
  • Automation of the bake hardening
  • Automated control system of the rolled steel shape/size parameters
Quality control automation
Control and management of the production processes and equipment
  • Production process automation
  • Process automation system

Technical support

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