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DESIGN. «ГРИНС Инжиниринг» - промышленный инжиниринг, проектирование и производство технологического оборудования для металлургии


GRINS Company offers comprehensive solutions for creation and reconstruction of rolling sections production process and operational areas. The company undertakes design and survey, establishment of engineering specifications, integration of technological solutions in the production process, supply and commissioning of the equipment, procurement, project management, training.

GRINS business model focuses on the solution of comprehensive tasks aimed at increasing the production efficiency and creating modern operational areas and rolling sections production complexes.

The major advantages of engaging our team to implement a complete-cycle project are as follows:

  • A team of qualified experts in the company staff for highly-specialized tasks and advanced expertise.
  • Use of cutting-edge specialized software in the project estimation including 3D simulations and mathematical calculation for the processes.
  • Impartial project estimation and technological responsibility of the project executive for its actual result.
  • Mitigation of risks due to determination of the responsibilities of the project team concerning technical solution implementation, terms of the project execution and project budget control.

    The Project of modernization of rebar steel mill 250 in Severstal
Performance increase
  • Optimization and development of new rolled steel section design
  • Slitting operation
  • Application and selection of new technologies, materials, mill rolls and consumables
  • Design of mill roller guides and components


  • Development of technologies and equipment for heat-treated rolled steel
  • Optimization and development of new designs
  • Slitting operation
  • Development of new rolled steel section design
  • Application and selection of new technologies, materials, mill rollers and consumables
  • Design of mill roller guides and components
  • Implementation of solutions for quality control
Quality improvement
Product differentiation
  • Rolling mill modernization
  • Local reconstruction of the existing steel-rolling mills with the mill lines for wires and mill roller guides added
  • Optimization of roll inventory
  • Design optimization
  • Slitting operation
  • Reduction of the equipment downtime due to introduction of new technologies and materials
  • Automation of packaging and storage operations
Reduction of production cost
  • Design and construction of an iron and steel mini-plant within the framework of turn-key projects

Technical support

Engineering center: