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MINI-PLANT. «ГРИНС Инжиниринг» - промышленный инжиниринг, проектирование и производство технологического оборудования для металлургии


Technologies of iron and steel mini-plants provide a rapid increase in the steel reinforcement elements release due to modernization of the existing shops and building new ones. Top production results combined with time-efficient project launch, precise performance estimation and high flexibility of the production process are the main distinctive features of mini-plants.

Practical experience acquired by “GRINS Engineering” Company, awareness of the advanced technologies in steel-rolling and use of cutting-edge design methods ensure high-quality of the estimation and implementation of the project on a mini-plant construction for producing small-section rolled stock and wires.

Modular construction of the production facility at a mini-plant leads to reduced costs for the production management. The engineering process ensuring direct connection between casting and rolling provides high maturity of the processes, maximum performance and reliability of the production facility. Comprehensive engineering approach to the project implementation provides the achievement of the engineering project objective within the established budget and the agreed terms for iron and steel enterprises.

“GRINS Engineering” executes projects on the construction of iron and steel mini-plants for rolled steel production. Equipment for the customer project is manufactured using modern technologies and tools of the world leading manufacturers.

  • Development of the project concept and its implementation.
  • Estimation of the economic and financial component and production capacity.
  • Manufacture and supply of equipment.
  • Start-up, commissioning and assembly.
  • Achievement of the planned performance.
  • Provision of instructions and training.
  • Technical support for the equipment.
Iron and steel mini-plant based on the customer project

Technical support

Engineering center: